I’m taking this class called Media Transformation taught by Lou Heldman, who has done a lot of things including being Wichita Eagle’s president/publisher. He’s ESC’s interim director.  Very cool.  The first day of class we talked to C.J. Lett, who has been involved in several businesses including Bison Energy.  He seems full of energy and ideas.

Lett gave us some advice on developing business ideas:

* “Great ideas come from adversity and being outside your comfort zone.”

* “Find three people you really respect and talk to them about your business idea.” This was his grandfather’s advice.

* Look at things in the context of what opportunities they present.

* Ideas are not enough.  Success requires the right people, tenacity, hard work, and fearlessness.

* “I’ve never seen an idea that wouldn’t work if you didn’t give up on it.”

We’re going to be putting together business plans to enter into the Shocker Business Plan Competition.  I’m excited and nervous about this.